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Lauren Adsem

Lauren has been a part of the addiction recovery world for over a decade and has developed a keen sense of how substance overuse impacts the lives of people beyond the individual. Lauren believes strongly in healing the system as a whole—providing therapy for individuals, couples and families. She knows that both the person struggling with substance overuse and their loved ones experience shame, deep isolation, confusion, and hopelessness at times.

Lauren notices that many of her clients come to therapy when their life feels out of alignment or they have lost track of what matters most. Bringing a warm, grounded energy to therapy, she helps people become reacquainted with their unedited thoughts and feelings, creating a place where you can hear your voice clearly and really understand your needs. She will help you design a path that feels right for you and developing tangible steps to get there.

Lauren is especially good at helping people explore relationship disconnection and dissatisfaction, questioning of a chosen life path, overt mental health symptoms along with more vague concerns, like just knowing life could feel better. She finds when people address the root causes of this disconnection and dissatisfaction in life, the substance overuse naturally loses its appeal. Some of her clients will choose complete abstinence as a way to maximize life satisfaction. Lauren is mindful to follow her clients’ lead while providing reality-based feedback as a way to help them move toward their best life.

Lauren is a true guide in the therapy room. Many people that have worked with her say that they feel like they were finally able to take the deep breath they had been needing to take for a long time.

People Who inspire her work:

  • Alfred Adler (goal orientation, birth order, family constellations)
  • Irvin Yalom (group psychotherapy)
  • Joan Didion & Mary Oliver (words & emotion)
  • John Bowlby / Mary Ainsworth (attachment theory)
  • Leon Festinger (social dissonance and comparison)
  • Murray Bowen (family systems)

Things Lauren Loves to do:

  • Enjoying time spent with her partner and 3 kids 
  • Winter weekends at the ski hills
  • Spring and summertime with the swim team and football fields
  • Quiet creativity and learning – cooking, painting, knitting, writing, and reading
  • Fierce proponent of having a book, a project, and a cup of tea
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