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Family and couples Therapy

Relational Couples and Family Therapy
Relationship strain and disconnection seems to be the reason most people reach out for help when substance overuse is present. We understand that relationships are everything in our world. We are skilled at helping our clients feel less fearful of communicating their needs/wants in relationship, feel confident in setting boundaries with a loved one, develop a sense of personal mindfulness and balance, and start to move in a direction in your life that is best for you.
Our addiction recovery therapists are excellent at holding space for difficult conversations, navigating all of the possibilities in the recovery process, and helping you develop the path that makes most sense for your situation. We know that the shame of finally reaching out for help is intense and we hear to listen carefully to all that you hold.
We offer many different therapy options for families and couples including individual sessions, couples sessions, family sessions and group therapy sessions. Our therapists can explore what services fit your situation best and build a plan to help you find relief and move toward your goals. 
Feel free to check out-- Loved Ones in Recovery Group!

This group is specially designed for loved ones or significant others of people struggling with chemical use or the recovery process. We will explore relationship dynamics when chemical use is present, ways to improve communication and boundaries, and bringing awareness to your own needs in the process. You will also gain much needed support from others going through a similar experience. 

Current Offering: Mondays from 12-1:30pm (virtual)

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