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JuliA Hess

Founder / Psychotherapist
Starting Planting Seeds Recovery wasn't in the "original plan" for Julia when she decided to leave her writing career in 2007 and go to graduate school for Addiction Counseling. But like most things in life, we end up in places we never planned and sometimes we are right where we need to be. She was ultimately inspired to create the recovery center she wished would have been there when she started her personal healing process.

The name Planting Seeds Recovery captures Julia's belief about our role as healers. We are here to inspire, nurture, encourage, and empower clients and those acts will often have a ripple effect in their lives and the lives of people around them. We are planting seeds. We can make change in small ways that heal people for generations to come. 

Julia started her career working as a therapist in inpatient and outpatient treatment centers in Minnesota. These programs promoted abstinence as the only solution and often focused on the negative behaviors that came from using chemicals. She witnessed some client's not connecting with the program message, not fitting in, leaving part way through or returning to old patterns of substance use. She also noticed that client's were not encouraged to think for themselves or explore their unique experience with substances. 

She was inspired to design a recovery program built on self-actualization, empowerment, relationships, and mindfulness. She strongly believes that clients have the ability to increase awareness of patterns of use, explore ways to get their needs met through human connection, and develop a deep mindfulness of their wants/needs as a way to feel grounded in their world. She knows this process doesn't fit perfectly in a box. And that is why Planting Seeds Recovery looks a little different with a more open-ended, "a la carte" experience. 

As a therapist, Julia is best at holding space for deeper discovery and deeper understanding of self. She believes that if we can get to know ourselves better, we will be less afraid and be less at risk to turn to substances to avoid the negative emotions or unknown places within ourselves. 

Julia's style is genuine, thoughtful and non-judgmental. She has a way of making clients feel safe talking about things that they have been avoiding for years. Her client's say the process of self-discovery was less scary than they thought and they wish they wouldn't have waited this long to reach out for help. 

Her approach to therapy utilizes Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Existential Therapy, Adlerian Theory, Narrative Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. She has a special interest in how attachment style effects our ability to feel safe in our world, lean on others for connection, and be vulnerable in relationships. Julia is skilled at weaving evidence based practice into the therapeutic experience without it feeling "clinical".  

People Who inspire her work:

  • Brene Brown
  • Gabre Mate
  • Bessel van der Kolk
  • Yung Pueblo
  • Daniel Seigel
  • Annie Grace
  • Irvin Yalom 

Things Julia Loves to do:

  • Long camping trips with her partner and 3 kids 
  • Physical activity of any kind(!) -- hiking, swimming, biking, rowing and lifting weights
  • Watch cooking shows with her kids
  • Pack PBJ's and spend the day at the local beach
  • Create a meal out of random items in the fridge
  • Play Ticket to Ride or card games 
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