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Group Therapy

How Do We Run Groups?
We believe group therapy gives people a real life space to share their experience, feel supported, and explore new ways of connecting in relationship. We keep our groups sizes small at 6-10 participants and we work hard to create new content for each group so you won't find a cycling curriculum or repeat of information.
People talk about hesitancy in joining a group because of fear of sharing their struggle with "strangers". After attending group, many find that it was just what they needed to feel less alone, build new skills, and find a few friends. We have a casual format with explorative questions and facilitated discussions. Our facilitators LOVE group therapy and you will feel their support in learning the ropes.

Explore Recovery Group

This group is designed to welcome people at all phases of their substance use discovery process. We talk about ways to reduce shame around our experience, explore emotions and how to express them, set intentions, and develop new ways to relate to others. We encourage curiosity about your substance use and work to help you develop your goals around use. Some clients will attend both individual and group psychotherapy weekly. 

Current Offering: Tuesdays 5-6:30pm (in person)

Beyond Recovery Group

This group is designed to continue to explore deeper existential questions that come up as we journey further into recovery. Many people in this group have moved on from the Explore Recovery Group or have found a sustained recovery practice and want to continue their work with the support of a process group. We will spend time diving into our value systems, patterns of relating, and developing personal intentions for moving toward our best life.

Current Offering: Bi-weekly Mondays 6:30-8pm (in person/virtual)

Partners in Recovery Group

This group is specially designed for loved ones or significant others of people struggling with substance use or the recovery process. We will explore relationship dynamics when chemical use is present, ways to improve communication and boundaries, and bringing awareness to your own needs in the process. You will also gain much needed support from others going through a similar experience.

New Group will start February 2024: Mondays 12-1:30pm (virtual)

Aviation Professionals Group

This group is designed to serve professionals in the aviation field as it meets the requirements of the HIMS program. We understand the complexities of addiction recovery, the requirements of the FAA and the stress involved in getting back to work. We have many years experience working with aviation professionals and we work hard to make sure the group topics are fresh, interesting and applicable to your world. We hope to be the safe space where you can learn how to reconnect with yourself and the people in your life in a way that feels fulfilling

Current Offering: Tuesdays 8-9:30am (virtual), Wednesdays 1:30-3pm (in person),

Thursdays 9-10:30am (virtual)

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