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Our Services

We specialize in working with professionals who struggle with substance use as a way to cope with stress and overwhelm. We know the stakes are high for your healing and the shame of "needing help" is big. Our clients are smart, motivated people who find this area of their life to be especially difficult to navigate. 

Planting Seeds Recovery works with people who are new to exploring their relationship with substances, people that have tried many things to change their patterns of use but continue to feel unsuccessful or  people who want to deepen their connection to their recovery goals. We also work with partners and families of people who struggle with substance overuse. 
Our hope is that you will find a path that fits you best. We will let you be the driver of your recovery process. It may look like a slow reduction, it may look like complete abstinence, or somewhere in between. We are open to all of these possibilities. We are good at helping clients define their values and develop a plan to move toward them.

We know this work is challenging and we will be right alongside you on this journey. We offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy to support this discovery. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out more about our services!

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions offer a focused time to explore areas where you feel especially stuck. Some clients will come to session with specific things they want to discuss. Other times, clients will lean on us to guide the session and assist in the self-exploration process. Both experiences are welcome. It is important to us that you get your needs met. Individual sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly and combined with group therapy or couples/family therapy.

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Group Therapy

We believe group therapy gives people a real life space to share their experience, feel supported, and explore new ways of connecting in relationship. We keep our groups sizes small at 6-10 participants and we work hard to create new content for each group so you won't find a cycling curriculum or repeat of information.

Couples and Family Therapy

Relationship strain and disconnection seems to be the reason most people reach out for help when substance overuse is present. We understand that relationships are everything in our world. Our therapists are skilled at helping our clients feel less fearful of communicating their needs/wants in relationship, feel confident in setting boundaries with a loved one, develop a sense of personal mindfulness and balance, and start to move in a direction in life that matches their values.

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