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Holding space for professionals to define their substance use Goals, manage overwhelm, and Discover
A new confidence

Find a path that fits you best

The shame of not being in control of your life can feel so isolating and anxiety provoking. And the thought of talking about it with someone else can feel paralyzing at times.

How did I get here?
Why can't I fix this on my own?
Why do I keep going back?
What is wrong with me?
Do I have a drinking problem?
Why can't I sleep?
Do I need to quit or can I just cut back?
Why is communication so difficult with my partner?
Why can't I follow through on my promises to myself?
These nagging thoughts could go on and on.
Sitting in a room with someone who understands the complex nature of chemical use can be incredibly comforting. Laughing at the crazy things that have happened, sitting with the sadness around your losses, and working toward a place of hope can be life changing. 
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Meet The Team

Kyle Smyth
Julia Murtha
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